Challenges of Modern Technologies - Programme

5th Joint Conference of Slovenian Special and Academic Libraries: “Challenges of Modern Technologies: The Competitive Advantage of Library Services”, 17– 18 October 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Keynote speaker: Michael Day, Research Officer and Team Leader, UKOLN, University of Bath: Continuity and change: opportunities and challenges for the future of research libraries in a data-intensive age

Session I. Library services in the light of modern technologies

Keynote speaker: Reinhard Altenhoener, Director of IT, National Library of Germany

  1. Gorazd Vodeb: Monitoring digitisation of cultural heritage: The European project ENUMERATE and the state of digitisation in Slovenia
  2. Tilen Mandelj, Mitja Iskrič: Social networks' influence on the Slovenian libraries
  3. Stephan Hanser: Current and future trends in digital research and learning environments
  4. Darko Majcenović, Boža Oberč, Nana Turk, Anamarija Rožić: Distance education: Experience in the Central Medical Library
  5. Julita Madzio: Online Products from Oxford University Press
  6. Janez Jug: Linking the library catalog and the web office at the Faculty of Social Sciences
  7. Iulian Herciu: Research on Researchers. What and how are we using information
  8. Kristina Janc: Opportunities and challenges of the blind, visually impaired and other persons with print disabilities.
  9. Jan Luprich, Mirko Kondic: Premium Research Experience and Library Success: EBSCO Discovery Solution

Session II. eBook from the publisher’s, librarian’s and user’s perspective

  1. Viljem Leban: iPad connects to the information resources of the Kranj City Library / Introducing iPads at the City Library of Kranj
  2. Andrej Klemenc: E-Books market model for e-books readers
  3. Jurij Gašparič: Historical overview of modern technological challenges
  4. Marko Hercog: eBooks in Slovenia: Technical possibilities and perspectives

Session III. Influence of modern ICT on library operations and processes

Keynote speaker: Joachim Schoepfel, Head of LIS Department and Head of Digitisation Centre, Lille University

  1. Davor Šoštarič, Pero Šobot: Practical experience and development visions
  2. Mateja Švajncer, Petra Vide Ogrin, Joh Dokler: Exchange of publications as a challenge for implementation of new technologies in the SASA library
  3. Mira Vovk Avšič: Central Specialised Information Centre in the field of Engineering (CSICE) in the Slovenian Current Research Information System (SICRIS)
  4. Matjaž Kragelj: Development of suitable methodology for automatic classification of electronic publications in Universal Decimal Classification – UDC
  5. Nienke van Schaverbeke: An Introduction to The European Library
  6. Irena Petrijevčanin Vuksanović, Bojan Sudarević: Open source software in libraries - why and how?
  7. Teja Koler Povh, Goran Turk, Matjaž Mikoš: The institutional repository as an advantage for users and as a challenge for librarians
  8. Milan Ojsteršek, Janez Brezovnik, Marko Ferme, Mladen Borovič, Mojca Kotar: A pilot implementation of a national infrastructure for open access to e-theses and research publications

Session IV. Influence of modern technologies on the development of librarians and library profession

Keynote speaker: Primož Južnič, Head of LIS Department, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. Angela Čuk: Librarians' cooperation in creating, developing and sustaining knowledge database of their organisation
  2. Hedvika Pavlica, Kristina Pritekelj: Librarians' continuing education at the Faculty of Arts libraries and their training for the implementation and use of it in the last five years
  3. Maja Božič: Are Slovenian academic and special librarians ready to meet the challenges of new technologies?
  4. Mojca Dolgan Petrič: Open data and the re-use of public sector information : an opportunity or a threat for libraries
  5. Sabina Fras Popović, Špela Razpotnik: The Slovenian Library Association facing future challenges

Panel discussion: »Where is the competitive advantage of librarians as information professionals?”

Poster session: »Forms and images of digital services in academic and special libraries «

  1. Sara Horvat: Digital library of the National School of Leadership in Education
  2. Bernarda Korez, Dunja Legat: Doctoral Dissertations of the University of Maribor in the Proquest Dissertation & Theses A&I Bibliographic Database
  3. Nataša Godec: Virtual poster in the form of eBook on iPad: Why not with an interactive eBook?
  4. Srečko Bončina: eBooks lending at the National and University Library
  5. Matija Brumen in Alenka Blatnik: To EOD books in 3 steps


  1. How to manage social networks?
  2. How can we produce an eBook? (Participants are asked to bring their mobile devices like iPads, tablets, or intelligent phones)
  3. How to undertake a digitisation project?