Terminology Committee

Mission of the Terminology Committee:

  • To encourage development of Slovenian library terminology,
  • To foster the correct usage of professional terminology in library science,
  • To raise linguistic awareness of library professionals,
  • To encourage production of terminology dictionaries for library science,
  • To collaborate with terminology committees from other fields related to library science,
  • To collaborate with experts studying terminology in other languages.

Goals of the Terminology Committee:

  • Codification of library terminology in Slovenian,
  • Participation in compilation and publication of library terminology dictionaries:
  • Production of a mono-lingual explanatory terminology dictionary
  • Production of a multi-lingual translation dictionary of library terminology,
  • Linguistic analysis and advice with current issues referring to the use of library science terminology,
  • Publication of terminology-related scientific papers.

For questions, ideas, terminology problems please contact: Ivan Kanič, president of the Terminology Committee

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