The Code of Ethics of Slovenian Librarians

The Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethic

In the past people declared basic ethical principles and condensed them into short and clear life guidelines, which represent the basis for co existence among people. Slovenian librarians have created our own professional code of ethics as well. Its purpose is to form the personality of a librarian independently of the current political situation.
The goal and importance of library work is to ensure a stable basis for the development of civilisation, and is performed by preserving and transmitting written human knowledge. Being aware of our role and responsibility for the development of our society, nation and each individual, Slovenian librarians have accepted the code of professional ethics and pledge to form our personalities and our relationship to colleagues, users and entire social environment on its basis.


A Librarian should create his (her) personality in accordance with the generally accepted ethical principles. Professionalism should be the sole criterion for any librarian’s actions.


A Librarian should constantly improve his (her) professional knowledge and co-operate in the creation and development of the library profession and related activities. He (she) should be aware of professional affiliation and contribute to increase the reputation of the profession and its collective spirit.


A Librarian should give support to his (her) colleagues and respect their knowledge. His (her) words and acts should support those who are in trouble because of respecting the principles of this code. He (she) should respect ethical codes and professional knowledge of other professions as well.


A Librarian should try to achieve the goals of his (her) institution, all misunderstandings should be resolved on the basis of fair and equal dialogue within the institution. Publicly he (she) should be loyal to his (her) institution and contribute to its reputation.


In accordance with the goals and possibilities of his (her) institution the Librarian should ensure the best quality of services possible and increase their availability, effectiveness and diversity.


A Librarian’s attitude to users should be based on equality, impartiality and respect both on the professional and human level. The same behavior is expected from the library user.


A Librarian should protect a user’s privacy as regards personal data, searched items and information.


A Librarian should strive for free transfer of documents and information but he (she) could not be responsible for any consequences resulting from their use.


A Librarian should oppose all kinds of censorship and other professionally unfounded restrictions of access and transfer of documents and information.


A Librarian should not abuse his (her) position for his (her) individual profit.


Respecting this code is the moral obligation and professional duty of Slovenian librarians.


The Slovenian Library Association will offer moral and legal support to any librarian or user having difficulties with the observation of these principles. Violations of the code will be dealt with the professional court of honor.


The Code of Ethics of Slovenian Librarians was adopted at Bled, November 8, 1995