Challenges of Modern Technologies

5th Joint Conference of Slovene Special and Academic Libraries

"Challenges of Modern Technologies: The Competitive Advantage of Library Services"

17 – 18 October 2012 – Ljubljana, Slovenia





At their joint conference, Slovene librarians in special and academic libraries will address the issues of facing the challenges of new ICT and of how new technologies are influencing library services.

The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Library services in the light of modern technologie: We are interested in discerning how librarians in special and academic libraries – along with their users – are adapting to new technologies. Your reflections and thoughts, scholarly studies and examples of good practice are anticipated.

  2. The influence of ICT on library services: How do library automation and modern technologies influence library performance?

  3. Advances in developing human resources: What kind of knowledge and skills do librarians in special and academic libraries require in order to be able to offer their professional help to advanced users, researchers or management?

  4. E-books from the publisher’s, librarian’s and user’s point of view: Are we building digital library collections which adequately serve both the pedagogical process and the academic community in Slovenia? Do existing digital libraries meet the needs of their users?

The Programme and Organizing Committee cordially invite you to submit the abstracts of your suggestions for papers, poster presentations and workshop proposals. 

The proposals should be sent to Alenka Kavčič - Čolić.

The acceptance will be notified 2 weeks after submission. The selected authors will then be asked to send their papers in respect of the deadline (May 30, 2012).