SEALL meeting 2015

SEALL meeting
23-24 September 2015
 Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Every year, a meeting of librarian of law and related libraries is held by South East European Association of Law and Related Libraries SEALL . In 2015, the meeting will be in Ljubljana 23 – 24 Septemebr, as a postconference of the 2015 Slovenian Library Assocation Congress. The meeting is free but the registration is obligatory.

Strong professional need for mutual cooperation was the main reason why the South East European Association of Law and related Libraries (SEALL) was established at the Conference held in Belgrade 2008 (Faculty of Law Belgrade) and registred in Croatia 2009 (Faculty of Law Split). As an informal group SEALL was founded  in Slovenia (Faculty of Law Maribor) 2003 to promote and enhance the value of law libraries to the legal and public communities and to provide open access to legal knowledge. Today represents law librarians and related professionals from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia on the regional bases. Annual Conference and Regional Law Libraries Round Table is organized every year by the Faculty of Law Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Neum). The major field of activity of the Association shall be cooperation in permanent professional education of law librarians, professional education exchange and development of interlibrary loan and materials exchange.
As a non-profit organization, the SEALL:
  • supports educational and professional opportunities for legal information professionals, especially those from region, by providing support for  annual course attendance and regular cooperation,
  • shares legal knowledge and increases access to legal information on the regional basis through:  Database, Newsletter and other publications, and its website,
  • fosters networking among legal information professionals by creating and maintaining ongoing relationships between SEALL and other international, national and regional law libraries and related organizations,
  • supports and encourages the development of national and regional legal information policies and intellectual freedom (from SEALL Official webpage).

SEALL published the guidelines VODIČ Društva bibliotekara pravnih i srodnih biblioteka Jugoistočne Evrope.

Meeting is organized by Slovenian Library Association, Faculty Of Law, University Of Ljubljana, SEALL and National and University Library Ljubljana Organizing Committee: Violetta Bottazzo (e-mail:, Maja Vavtar, Edita Bačić.