SLA Congress 2017

Connection. Collaboration. Communities
    Building a Country of Readers

(Podčetrtek, Olimje, 27 – 29 September 2017)








"What did you last read?" Librarians usually utter this question at least a thousand times in their careers. It is the beginning of a dialogue between the librarian and the user, which can also mean the beginning of evaluation of individual's reading abilities. Many facts about the user’s reading history can be revealed during this dialogue. Not only the field of interest but also the purpose of reading (lifelong learning, formal education, leisure, work), reading condition ("something simple", "a book not too fat", "in more parts so that it will last longer") and special requirements ("in capital letters, please", "soft cover, as it is not so heavy", "is there an e-version?"). Thus, librarians are daily faced with the possibility of assessing the literacy of society as a whole and also the literacy of its individual groups.

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Library Association of Slovenia puts in the foreground the fundamental issue of action in all social areas as well as in all librarians' professional areas: the issue of literacy. Since we are very aware of the fact that the topic is of wider interest and often highlighted and discussed by different experts, usually in closed circles, we have invited librarians, writers, teachers, publishers, entrepreneurs, etc. to participate in the programme. We believe that only if we all come together we can draw attention to the general problem for the development of our society, the state, the professional environment and every individual: that is, (il)literacy and (non)attitude towards reading and reading culture. At this event, we also want to re-emphasize how strong is a civil society that is represented by individuals who have found their own challenge and fulfilment of professional mission in a particular profession: the power of professional associations. The papers presented in the conference will be published in conference proceedings.

We will also celebrate other anniversaries: 60th anniversary of the scientific and professional journal "Knjižnica" (Library), 30th anniversaries of the Section for Librarianship of the Slovenian Library Association and the Department of Library Science, Information Science and Book Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana. The Kalan Foundation Award winner(s) will be presented at the event. More than enough reasons to meet in Podčetrtek. We will welcome distinguished international and Slovenian experts who will share their views, experiences and knowledge. The congress will feature presentations, panel discussions and workshops. It is an excellent opportunity to engage with stakeholders from all areas of the book world.

"Unless we read, we shall perish." These are the prophetic words of the Slovenian poet Tone Pavček. All together, including authors, publishers, booksellers, librarians, teachers, entrepreneurs, politicians and individuals who believe in the power of reading, we will highlight the need for a systematic approach for establishing a different attitude towards reading culture and reading in society.

Organising Committee:
Sabina Fras Popović, PhD, Sandra Kurnik Zupanič, Špela Zupanc, MA, Polona Marinšek, Tjaša Mrgole Jukič, Neža Podjavoršek, Urška Plaznik, Irena Sešek, Sabina Prevorčič, Katja Bevk.
Programme Committee:
Urška Bajda, MA, Tomaž Bešter, Sabina Fras Popović, PhD, Vesna Horžen, Nataša Knap, Dunja Legat, MA, Urška Lobnikar Paunovič, Simona Resman,  Irena Sešek, Polona Vilar, PhD, and Damjana Vovk.

In cooperation with the experts representing partner institutions:
Dragica Haramija, PhD (The Reading Badge), Zdravko Kafol (Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Slovenia, Publishing Branch), Darka Tancer Kajnih (The Journal Otrok in knjiga (A Child and a Book)), Andreja Kavčič and Renate Rugelj (The Slovenian Publishers Association), Igor Saksida, PhD (The Cankar Award), Tjaša Urankar (The Slovenian Book Agency), Savina Zwitter, MA (The Reading Society of Slovenia) and Tanja Tuma (Slovene PEN centre and MIRA).