Programme - SLA Congress 2017

Connection. Collaboration. Communities
    Building a Country of Readers

(Podčetrtek, Olimje, 27 – 29 September 2017)

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

8.00–14.00 Registration

Primula 1+2 Hall

9.00–9.30 Opening Ceremony
9.30–10.00 Donna Scheeder, IFLA: Building a Community of Readers: Literacy in the 21st Century
10.00–10.30 Vincent Bonnet, EBLIDA: European Policies for an Open Library
10.30–10.45 COFFEE BREAK
10.45–11.15 Breda Podbrežnik Vukmir, MA: The Relationship of Cultural Policies and Reading in Public Libraries
11.15–11.45 Tatjana Likar, MA: Mirror Mirror on the Wall ...: Is Accessibility of Reading Equal for Everyone, Even for the Blind and Visually Impaired?
11.45–12.05 EBSCO, Neil Block, Vice President for Discovery Innovation: FOLIO: the What and How of the New Library Services Platform
12.05–12.20 COFFEE BREAK
12.20–12.50 Gabi Čačinovič Vogrinčič, PhD: Co-Building a School of Readers
12.50–13.20 Ivan Kanič: The Slovenian Librarians Read. What, How and How Much?
13.20–13.50 Igor Saksida, PhD: Collaboration of the Interpretative Community in a Dialogic Reading Event
13.50–14.05 Žiga Cerkvenik: #IFLAGlobal Vision – Together We Create the Future
14.05–15.10 LUNCH BREAK

Primula 1 Hall

Primula 2 Hall

15.10–15.40 Fanika Krajnc-Vrečko, PhD: Church Libraries and the Limbuš Reading Room, a Reading Culture Medium until the mid-19th Century Polona Vilar, PhD, Gorazd Vodeb, PhD, Milena Bon: A Proactive Public Library: the Slovenian Public Libraries, Reading Literacy and Reading Culture
15.40–16.10 Marija Zlatnar Moe, PhD, Tanja Žigon, PhD, Tamara Mikolič Južnič, PhD: Slovene in the Centre Dragica Haramija, PhD: ReadingIn Words’ Embrace: Project for Promotion of Family Reading
16.10–16.40 Ivanka Stričević, PhD, Ivica Perič: Information Literacy and Development of Critical Thinking Uroš Grilc, PhD: A Gap in the Slovenian Reading Culture: the Biggest Challenge for Building “a Country of Readers” is the Reading of Young People
16.40–17.10 Dejana Golenko, PhD, Polona Vilar, PhD, Ivanka Stričević, PhD: Strategic Documents - the Framework for the Creation of High-Quality Information Literacy Programme for Students: Case-Studies at the Law Faculties in the Republic of Croatia Katarina Švab, PhD: Library Users – Do We Know Them Enough?: Three User Studies of Fiction Selection in Library
17.10–17.40 Vesna Lorenc, Sandra Kurnik Zupanič: Textbook or Bestseller: Reading Habits of University of Maribor Students Tatjana Pristolič, Jan Pisanski, PhD: Literary Events in a Library between Theory and Practice: Analysis and Planning
  Angelica and Erica Halld
17.50–19.30 Development of the Journal »Knjižnica« (Library) in the Mirror of Time: a Roundtable with the Editors at the 60th Anniversary of Publishing
moderated by Ivan Kanič

19.30-20.30   DINNER (The Hotel Dinning Room)

Primula 1+2 Hall

21.00-     The Kalan Awards and the Highest Professional Titles in Librarianship Ceremony

Thursday, 28 September 2017

7.30–14.00 Registration

Primula 1+2 Hall

8.30–9.00 Polona Vilar, PhD: Apelles Exhibits his Image: 30th Anniversary of the Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies:  Studying in the Past and Today
9.00–9.30 David Bawden, PhD: London and Ljubljana: a Continuing Collaboration
9.30–10.00 Ivanka Stričević, PhD, Franjo Pehar, PhD: Collaboration as a Key Point of Successful Academic Endeavour: from Ljubljana to Zadar and Back
10.00–10.20 Clarivate Analytics: Miguel Garcia: WoS APIs: Your Door to Research Big Data
10.20-10.35 COFFEE BREAK
10.35–10.50 Primož Južnič, PhD: Research in the Department of Library Science
10.50–11.05 Maja Žumer, PhD: Research in the Department of Information Science
11.05–11.25 Miha Kovač, PhD, Andrej Blatnik, PhD: Research in the Department of Book Studies
11.25–11.40 COFFEE BREAK
11.40–11.55 Patricia Rupar: Turning the Pages: from Book Shelves to Online
11.55–12.10 Sonja Žakelj: The Old Studies, Assimilated Knowledge and Work Environment, Experience with our Graduates at Practice
12.10–12.25 Sabina Fras Popović, PhD: Knowledge is to be Human (Zlatko)
12.25–12.55 The Young are the Future: Young Researchers at the Department
12.55–13.10 ELSEVIER: Peter Porosz: Curiosity Formalized Further – Science of Science Policy, supported by Elsevier
13.10–14.30 Prospects of Higher Education and Employment: a Roundtable; moderated by Primož Južnič, PhD, participants: Melita Ambrožič, PhD (National Council for Librarianship), Vesna Horžen (The Slovenian Public Libraries Association), Miro Pušnik, MSc (Central Technological Library), Tatjana Likar, MA (Ministry of Culture), Vesna Čopič, PhD (Ministry of Education, Science and Sport), Zdenko Kafol (Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Slovenia, Publishing Branch)
14.30–15.40 LUNCH

Angelica Hall

Primula 2 Hall


Elsevier Workshop

Savina Zwitter, MA: Intergenerational Reading in the Secondary School
16.10–16.40 Mateja Drnovšek, MA: Reading for Knowledge

Primula 1 Hall

Primula 2 Hall

16.40–17.10 Presentation of the Slovenian Book Agency Projects Mojca Kerin Maglica, Milena Vodopivec: Puppets as a Part of Book Education
17.10–17.40 Marko Hercog: Recommendation Systems in e-Libraries Martina Klemenčič: Library in Cooperation with Local Community: Presentation of Event Library The Heart of Tržič
17.40–18.10 Andreja Kavčič: Publishing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Presentation of the Slovenian Publishers Association) Mojca Debevc: Reading and Listening Attentively with the Help of a Therapy dog
18.10–18.40 Presentation of the Reading Society of Slovenia Zdenka Žigon: We Read on the Laps of Our Parents
18.40–19.10 Presentation of the Reading Badge Society Damjana Mustar: Volunteers – the Reading Promoters
  Erica Hall
15.40–16.40 General Assembly of the Slovenian Library Association and Elections

19.30–20.30 Dinner (The Hotel Dining Room)

  Primula 1+2 Hall or Club Žafran
21.00 When We Get Caught up in a Story, a Book and a Library: Literary Event
moderated by  Darka Tancer Kajnih

Friday, 29 September 2017

7.30–12.00 Registration

Primula 2 Hall

8.00–8.30 dr. Peter Kraker: The Vienna Principles: Towards a Shared Vision of Open Scholarly Communication
8.30–9.00 Divina Frau-Meigs, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, France: Libraries as beacons for Media and Information Literacy and catalysts for digital transition
9.00–9.30 Milena Bon: Reading Literacy Development – a New National Strategy
9.30-10.00 Davor Bračko, MA, Robert Vehovec: COBISS+
10.00–10.15 Emerald: Wendy Knox: Bringing Research to Life – the Library as the 21st Century Research Hub
10.15–10.30 COFFEE BREAK
10.30–11.00 Konrad (Vojko) Zadravec, Ida Mlakar Črnič, Darja Lavrenčič Vrabec, MA, Kristina Picco, Katja Kemperle: Reflections on Reading and Youth Libraries: Commented Presentation of the Centre for Youth Literature and Librarianship Survey Results of the Self-Esteem of Youth Librarianship on the Threshold of its 70th Anniversary
11.00–11.30 Barbara Pregelj, PhD: About Common Reading Sites
11.30–12.00 Veronika Rot Gabrovec, PhD: From "Images of Rural Life" to "Farmer Wants a Wife"?: Envisaging a Country of Readers
12.00–12.30 Tanja Tuma: Hate Speech and the Responsibility of Cultural Intermediaries for its Distribution
12.30–13.00 Alenka Veler: Running after Readers
13.00–13.15 COFFEE BREAK
13.15–13.45 Saša Vidmar: Information (Il)Literate Librarians
13.45–14.15 Urška Bonin: Let's Read with the Letterhunting Shrew: Reading Competition for Fifth-Graders
14.45–15.15 Simona Šoštar: Alice in Wonderland or How I Discovered the School Librarian Tasks
15.15–15.30 Closure of the Congress
15.30–16.30  LUNCH