Slovenian Library Association​ 
Conference 2022

Libraries`Proactive Activities

September 21 - 23, 2022 
in an online environment

  The conference will be held in an online environment, in Zoom Events, from September 21st to September 23rd, 2022.

To participate in the three-day conference, the registration fee is 25 euros for members of the Slovenian Library Assocciation and 60 euros for non-members.


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Slovenian Library Association​ Conference 2022.



libraries` presence in their local environment and (lack of) their self-evidence

libraries, democracy, and active citizenship

libraries and digital transformation of society

changes in the media landscape

Proactivity means more than just activity. Proactivity demands from us actions in expectation of problems, demands, or changes. It means taking the initiative, accepting decisions and responsibility for them, and becoming less reliant on the everyday impact of our environment. We can, of course, decide, on the contrary, to wait for things to occur – we are then more vulnerable and subordinate to our environment.

What do libraries do in this regard? How proactive are we? Do we know how to stimulate and increase the proactivity of our staff? Do we work in anticipation of environmental changes, or are we only reacting to them? In which fields did we distinguish ourselves as proactive, and what did we achieve? Do we know how to monitor or foresee changes? What challenges will we encounter in the future?

These are the questions that we will be seeking answers to at this year's conference. Local and foreign professionals will be sharing their newest theoretical realizations, views, and experiences with us.

We are opening the debate of this year`s Slovenian Library Association`s Conference with a very special, very desired, and at the same time, very elusive adjective. One that is often heard, yet often missed. Even in libraries. Do we know it?

The Standard Slovene Dictionary explains it as: »working, acting, stimulative and responsible according to available possibilities: proactive approach; proactive procedure; proactive activity«.  Do we understand it?

Proactivity.​ In the language consultancy of the Fran Ramovš Institute for the Slovene Language ZRC SAZU, which provides answers to questions in the field of spelling and etymology, we also find the question under this motto: » In my profession, librarianship, “proactive”, which sounds like it’s going to burst from activity at any moment. / … / What is the semantic difference between the adjectives active and proactive? To me, at first glance, “proactive” seem only an inflated insight with the desire to make the text more exquisite, in the spirit of the new (neoliberal?) times / … /«.